The Best Cowboy Boots for Men


Traditionally cowboy boots were designed for cowboys to keep them save when riding and herding their cattle. Normally, cowboy boots were made from cowhide leather but nowadays they are also made from exotic skins such as alligator, eel, lizard, elephant, elk, snake or ostrich. Today the fashion trends have changed that into being a fashion style. When looking for boots or when selecting boots one needs to understand what to look for. This helps a person look for a pair with comfort and class. 

There are two categories of cowboy boots; those made for fashion and tradition boots always made for use in places like the farm. When choosing a boot one should consider the material, leather boots, alligator and snake skin or artificial materials. One can consider traditional leather cowboy boots for they are tough and long lasting. Have a color in mind as this makes shopping for one much easier. They come in all colors even flowered but brown and black boots will allow for most wardrobe matching. This suggests that while selecting one with troxel helmets should base the selection their wardrobe.

The various cowboy boots are; the classic western style. There are classic western style boots and classic western style work boots and though they may look similar they are manufactured differently. The other type is roper boots which have a lighter weight and a wider sole. Some roper boots have rubber soles just like sneakers so as to help grip while working. These are common choice for the people that work at the rodeo. Buckaroo boots is next and they are designed for shows such as circus or art. The other type is riding boots. They lack ornamentation as it is with cowboy boots.

When selecting cowboy boots wear the right socks, make sure that the ball of the foot is, in the widest part of the boot. The quality of the boot is the first thing together with comfort while looking for a cowboys boot. The design too is another factor to consider, durability and support. Different people will consider different types of heels and heel shape, stitch patterns, inlays and collars tucker saddles. The toe region style also varies; there is a rounded toe, snipped toes, pointed and sharp pointed toes.

Maintenance is the other issue with cowboy boots. Leather needs regular moisturizing and cleaning. A leather conditioner should be used to help keep the boot in shape. With proper care a good quality of boots can last a long time.